Who else wants to quickly and easily start making movies without going to expensive film schools, no matter if you don’t know how to use the camera or even write a script?



From: Robert Shutter
Tuesday 2:43 PM

Dear Creative Friend,

Always wanted to make a movie? I will show you how simply and quickly you can make a movie… even if you’re never had any filmmaking trainings in the past.


Our system is so clear-cut and easy, and you will be BLOWN AWAY with how easy it is to make a movie.

Truth is, doors are now opening all over for aspiring filmmakers, like you and me. But you need to know the basics. Film schools could be a good choice if you have the time and the money, but fortunately, film schools are not the only way to learn how to make movies.

Introducing the ultimate filmmaking guide!

the ultimate filmmaking guide

I will give you all the necessary information that it would take at least a couple of years in college to get, not to mention hefty expensive tuition fees.  Everything you will need to make a movie is in this complete ultra-pack.

  • No matter if you are a beginner and have no experience on how to make movies.

  • No matter if you don’t know how to write a script.

  • No matter if you do not have the technical knowledge or know how to use the camera.

  • No matter if you have no idea where to start.


The dream of making your own movie can now be a reality...

I will teach everything you need to know about how to make your first movie, including:


1How to develop a concept

1How to write a professional screenplay.

1How to purchase and operate the camera.

1How to light your scenes professionally.

1How to record professional Audio for your film.

1How to Find the perfect location.

1How to make a production schedule.

1list of equipment you will need.

1How to promote your film.

1And many other great tips.


In other worlds, all the information you need to start working on your movie, but without having to pay for thousands or waiste years from your life. I will also teach you some amazing time and money saving secrets that took me years to understand. If you are serious about making your own movies...you can't afford to NOT have this information!


This is why you should grab a copy right now:

1Save thousands of dollars

Start making movies on the spot without spending thousands of dollars or waste years in film schools.

1Save Time by learning from the pros
Learn amazing time and money saving secrets that took me years to understand.

1Your Skill Level Does Not Matter! 
Learn every single step to make your film, from developing the idea, to promoting the movie.

1Learn from others mistakes

Work smartly, and learn from the mistakes I did, and don’t waste time and money learning on your own.


1Learn never released inside secrets

Learn inside secrets that indy directors and filmmakers are using to producing amazing movies on a shoelace budget.


Hobbyists and professionals alike have benefited greatly from the ultimate filmmaking guide. Just take a look at some of these reviews, which continue to flow into my inbox...


Name: Gary B.

Location: Montreal, Canada


“…You helped me saving thousands of dollars! …


...your guide is awesome! One of your free bonuses really sold me and it was the essential filmmaking contract and forms. My lawyer wanted to charge me around 300$ per contract for the movie I wanted to shoot. You helped me saving thousands of dollars! Thanks again for your wonderful work and most of all for sharing your knowledge in such a generous way...


- Gary



Name: Tony Chadwick

Location: New York, USA


“…I can truly recommend your guide to anyone planning or thinking about making a movie on his own…


Your guide is an exceptional example of well-written, informative and still inspiring how to book. I can truly recommend your guide to anyone planning or thinking about making a movie on his own. After getting your guide 3 weeks ago, I already finished writing my first shot movie script and I am planning to start shooting next week. I am really so excited!


- Tony



Name: Alfred G.

Location: California, USA


“…Your filmmaking guide gave me the motivation to finally do it…


I always wanted to do a movie but was never really inspired or motivated. I kept finding excuses on why I cannot and should not do it. Your filmmaking guide gave me the motivation to finally do it. I give it five stars.


- Alfred


"There's Literally Nothing Else
Like This system On The Market Today"

the ultimate filmmaking guide
That's a statement I do not take lightly. But I've been in the business for almost 15 years, and I haven't found anything like this for less than thousands of dollars.

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Act now and stop finding excuses!

How much would you pay for the guide that will teach you everything you need to know about filmmaking? The ultimate filmmaking guide has proven itself again and again.


Take action today, and you'll only be asked for the (very low) one time only investment of just...

$299.95 NO WAY!
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$49.95 THAT'S RIGHT!

That's right - $49.95 for EVERYTHING described on this page, all available instantly by download, and all designed to shortcut you to becoming the film director of your dreams, regardless of your previous experience!


Get your copy today for just $49.95


But It Gets Even Better!
Rare Bonus Package Worth $756.00
For Purchasing The Ultimate Filmmaking guide Today!


For The First 24 23 Film Makers Who Take Advantage Of This ...



Essential Filmmaking Forms & Contracts

filmmaking contracts and forms

I have included the most important forms and contracts that big production houses have been using for years...


Now these can be yours too. Talent Releases, Location Contracts, Call Sheets, and any other essential document or contract you might need when shooting are all included and ready for you to use today!




Free Filmmaking Software

filmmaking contracts and forms

This kit would not be complete without providing you the software you need to make your films. Software like this will cost you hundreds of dollars. We have found the most amazing Filmmaking Software in the market, and it is yours, as a bonus...FREE!

You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on software like Final Draft($229), or Movie Magic Scheduling Software ($699)...because this FREE software does everything these other software do, and if you ask about my opinion...It does it better!!! It also works for both mac and pc!!


Check the screen shots below!


This great software will enable you to easily write a properly formatted Hollywood style movie script without even trying!
Also, it makes scheduling your shoot a peace of cake!





Free lifetime access to our online membership website

filmmaking contracts and forms

Get unlimted access to our Membership site, and for FREE (offer valid for a limited time only, I will be charging 30$/month for this feature soon!).
This membership will allow you to get free access to the most rich filmmaking resources membership site online. Inside you will have access to:

  • More than 100 expert VIDEO tutorials teaching you how to make movies (video tutorials teaching how to direct, produce, edit, light, etc..)

  • Best of the web tutorials: I made the search for you and included the best tutorials you can find on the web today.

  • Updated news section about all what is happening around the globe in the indy movie industry.

  • Excellent film-making resources that will save you tons of work and money.


Creativity Ultimate Guide

filmmaking contracts and forms

This is something that they don't teach at Film Schools, but creativity is probably one of the most important tools of filmmaking…


Creativity is the key to successful filmmaking, and this book will guide you and teach you how to use this great tool and apply it to your scripts, production, and everyday life.


Creativity is the tool that helped many directors and filmmakers, like Roberto Rodriguez, to flip all the rules in the cinema industry, and you can also use it yourself!




The Art of Time Management

filmmaking contracts and forms

As a successful film-maker, you will need to know how to manage your time.

I will provide you with a great book about time management. Read this book so that each decision you make regarding your time is a decision that is useful, constructive and the most beneficial to your life's structure.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about time management so you can save a lot of money during production and so that you can make things happen when your schedule is tight.




Fuel to life: Your Motivation Handbook

filmmaking contracts and forms

As a film-maker, you will have some problems along the way. In order to succeed, you need to stay motivated.


Motivation is what keeps us going.  Motivation is the reason people succeed and the reason people fail. 


Motivation is the drive someone has to complete a task.
The purpose of this course is to take you through methods you can practice on a daily basis to remain motivated and to finally make that feature film you always wanted to do.




So, Let's Just Recap Everything
You Get With This Ultimate Filmmaking Guide...

Package Components :

What You Get:

The Ultimate Filmmaking Guide

Download A Gold Mine of Invaluable Information and expert knowledge required to make your movie. Everything you really need from writing the script to promote your movie. The Most Valuable Secrets, Tips, Tricks, Tools & Techniques.
Bonus #1 :
Essential Filmmaking Forms & Contracts
All the Forms and Contracts that professionals are using every day during the production process are yours today.
Bonus #2 :
Free Filmmaking Software
The one and only software you will need to produce a movie. Period!
Bonus #3 :
Lifetime Membership Access
Lifetime access to our special membership website where you can find hundreds of video tutorials and articles on how to make your movies.
Bonus #4 :
The creativity ultimate guide
Creativity is the most important tool you will ever need to make a movie. Use this guide to take your skills to the next level.
Bonus #5 :
The Art of Time Management


A comprehensive resource that covers the most valuable rules and tools for time management, an essential skill for filmmakers.


Bonus #6 :
Your Motivation handbook
Motivation is the reason people succeed and the reason people fail. This course will surly keep you motivated to finally make that film you always wanted to do.
Total Real Value: $756.00


Your ENTIRE Investment For Your Own Ultimate Filmmaking Package Is Just A MEASLY $397.00 $154.00 $49.95 !

(Price will go up from $49.95 to $95.00 then $154.00 soon)

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And to make it an absolute "no-brainer" decision I'm about to offer you the most outrageous Money-Back Guarantee ever offered to any film-maker:


100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm absolutely confident that, when you download the ultimate filmmaking Ultra-Pack, you'll be thoroughly delighted that you've made this investment.


That's why I'm happy to offer you my no-nonsense, personal and ethical guarantee.


If you aren't absolutely thrilled with it for any reason (or for no reason at all) just let me know and I'll give you a full refund with no questions asked up to a full 60 days from the time of purchase. But the entire system is still yours to keep free forever.

There are no questions asked, no "wiggle clauses" and no funny business.

Either you love it or you get a refund and keep it free. Wouldn't it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

You heard me correctly. You will adore this amazing course. And I stand behind it 100%.


The Choice is Yours:

 You can keep trying to make a movie the way you've been trying to do it, brace yourself and hope for the best.


You can join 837+ (and counting) other filmmakers, beginners and professionals, by letting me give you the ultimate filmmaking guide that will teach you step-by-step how to create a stunning and professional movie, effortlessly and on time.


What's your decision?



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I'm looking forward to having you onboard!

To your success,
daniel holden


P.S: The digital download introductory low price of only 49.95$ is a part of a market test I'm conducting. Once I've completed my market test, I know I'll be doubling the price. I will also will be charging the access to the membership site. So if you're at all interested, you should buy right now.


P.P.S: remember that you have nothing to risk and a lot to gain. With our 100% money back garantee, and for only 49.95$, this is really a lifetime oportunity for you to grab!



Filmmaking Ultra Pack


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this system work for me?
Are you one of those? If you are one of those that never make a move and get things done then no,  this system will not work for you. This system will only work for people that have an ambitious spirit, big dreams, and that are willing to make things happen!

Can’t I learn to make movies on my own?
If you have the will, then sure you can. But it will take forever and you will make many mistakes that will cost you lots of time and lots of money. Without guidelines, the learning curve will be so expensive and so hard. Most that try to start on their own, without any help from professional, do quit early on, because the process becomes so hard and so time consuming!
That’s why, if you are serious about filmmaking, you should grab a copy of this ultimate guide. We really made it easy for you and we took care of everything because we know that you should be doing movies, not solving problems!

What if, for any reason, I didn’t like this guide?
We are so sure that not only you will like our filmmaking guide, but you will ADORE IT. That why, we are giving you 60 days money back guarantee. If for any reason, just any reason, you find that this system is not right for you, then just let me know, and I will give you all your money back! It’s that simple. 

What happens if I decide to pass on the ultimate filmmaking guide today?
Well, frankly nothing will happen. You will be EXACTLY where you were yesterday and the day before that.
BUT, by placing your risk free order today, you'll get EVERYTHING you need to start making movies...
Will you take the next step and start making movies NOW?
The ultimate filmmaking ultra pack will comprehensively teach you everything you need to know to start making movies, and comes with all the tools you need to make it happen! So what are you waiting for?





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